Warning in Salesforce - CTI Toolkit is retiring

Description of Problem

A warning message appears in your browser, when you are logged into Salesforce (see screenshot below) that states "CTI Toolkit is retiring. This SoftPhone will stop working beginning Spring '17. Contact your admin about migrating to Salesforce Open CTI." 

CTI Toolkit Is Retiring



Flexor is running and the Flexor Call Summary appears but the message in the screenshot above is visible briefly before the Flexor logo appears, or if you are using the old CTI adapter, the message remains visible.

If you are already using Flexor Apex for Salesforce 

When logged into Salesforce the Flexor logo appears (as in the screen shot below) but you briefly see the warning message above, you will need to update the Call Centre XML file in Salesforce as per the steps further down this page labelled "Update the Call Centre XML" (you may need to ask your Salesforce administrator to do this for you).

Flexor logo Apex for Salesforce

Flexor Apex for Salesforce logo

If you are still using the old CTI adapter

The warning message remains visible as part of the CTI window.

CTI adapter retiring warning

Screen shot Flexor Call Summary window

Solution - if you have not done so already, switch to Flexor Apex for Salesforce

Navigate to Flexor Devices and Applications, Salesforce Apex Integration and input your Salesforce login credentials (see the screen shot below). Remember to click Test Login and if successful, Save the changes. You will also need to tick the option on the General tab to use Flexor not Salesforce. Then restart Flexor as instructed.

Flexor Apex for Salesforce credentials

If you are using Professional edition Salesforce, you will need to contact Salesforce to purchase API access from them.

Update the Call Center XML

Camrivox has updated the Call Center XML. This needs to be added to your instance of Salesforce by your administrator and all users of Flexor Apex for Salesforce moved out of the old call center and into the new Flexor Apex Adapter 5 Call Centre.

1. Log in to Salesforce.com as an administrator

2. Go to Setup > Customize > Call Center > Manage Call Centers

3. The next page shows all Call Centers (which will be an empty list if this is the first time a Call Center has been set up)

4. Click on Import to add a new Call Center

The next screen requires you to upload an XML file that is provided as part of the Camrivox Salesforce CTI software

5. Click on the "Choose File" button and navigate with the Open file Window to the the Apex Call Center Definition File.xml file

The XML file location is dependent on the location chosen by the user during installation of Flexor, or can be downloaded from the link at the foot of this page.

For instance, based on the default installation settings for Flexor version 2.1.152 (on a 64 bit PC), the path to the file to be uploaded is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Camrivox\Flexor Manager\2.1.152\Call Center Setup\Apex Call Center Definition File.xml

6. Select the "Apex Call Center Definition File.xml" and click the "Open" button

7. Click on the "Import" button to import the XML file

Now you need to make this Call Center available to all users who need to use CTI

8. Click on Manage Call Center Users.

If you have an existing Call Centre with users attached, you must first remove them from that Call Centre

9. Click on the existing Call Centre (e.g. Camrivox CTI Adapter 4)

10. Click on Manage Users

11. Click on Remove to remove the user(s) from the Call Centre as required

12. Click on All Call Centers to return to the list of Call Centres 

13. Click on Flexor Apex Adapter 5

14. Click on Manage Call Center Users

15. Click on Add More Users

16. Specify a search pattern for the users you wish to add, or leave blank and click Find to list all users

17. A list of users will be presented. Select the users for whom CTI is to be enabled

18. Finally, click Add to Call Center.

19. Restart the users browser and login to Salesforce again.

After restarting and logging into Salesforce, if you see a blank space in your browser with a message "Page Flexor does not exist" please have your Salesforce administrator download the Visualforce page called Flexor from the link below.

The unmanaged package containing both the Flexor Apex Call Center and the Visualforce page is downloadable from

The password is Flexor

If this does not resolve the issue please contact support.

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